Isnin, 30 Januari 2012

AkUu'ni cErewet' n x sumbunk !!! '.'
Hey0o ! Thanks for attending here in mr Raza Guess fb's acc .
My name is MOHD RAZZA ROHIMIE BIN RUSLEE . I'm sweet eighteen .
I'm a student of Smly kdat .
My race ? Why u really want to know ? So buzy loll .
Thats all about me you have to know .
Others are not important for you .
I dont want u to ask me again if I approve u as my friendlist .
Just read this for ur info but don't copy it shityy !
I am the snobbish one ? Hell yeahh ! Thanks ! ((:
Am i rude ? Yeahh , cuz i said so but why should I be nice to people if they also like bitch wif me ryte ?
Whatever u say I won't angry cuz u are jealousyy , buwekk !!

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